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2012 August - Health Insurance Chat

Health Insurance Chat


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Letters | Health care, Mitt Romney, Todd Akin

News from Kansas City Star: Health care gouging I would like to agree with some letter writers that we in the United States pay the most for our health care of anywhere. I agree that we are paying for the freeloaders who show up in the emergency room without health insurance.But we are also paying [...]

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Census: More Kansans lack health insurance

News from Kansas City Star: Ask Susette Schwartz whether she’s surprised by a new report that shows thousands more Kansans going without health insurance, and she sighs. “Well, no,” said Schwartz, CEO of Hunter Health Clinic in Wichita, a safety net clinic that serves uninsured and underinsured people as well as those with insurance.“It’s just [...]

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California Obamacare: LA County Prepares For Massive Health Care …

News from Huffington Post: California gears up for the ACA changes in 2014. Pictured: dental volunteers give free services to underserved Angelenos. (AP) [...]

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Help 500000 access health care

News from Kansas City Star: 5 hours, 22 minutes ago Help 500,000 access health care Brenda SharpeSpecial to the Star The Kansas City Star For those ready to talk about what the health care law really means to the states, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, which the U.S. Supreme Court largely upheld in [...]

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Health Care Flaws (2 Letters)

News from New York Times: To the Editor: Re “A Reluctant Crash Course in Health Insurance 101” (The Agenda, Aug. 21): Suleika Jaouad’s dispassionate account of the added burdens imposed by our fragmented system of health insurance on those unfortunate individuals who become sick is powerful in its lack of sentimentality. With an unconscionable 45,000 [...]

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Affordable Care Act driving health care mergers

News from Washington Post: Two of the region’s corporate giants — one focused on government health insurance, the other specializing in communities for seniors — were acquired by larger industry players last week, as consolidation heats up in health-related sectors. Insurance giant Aetna announced it will buy Bethesda-based Coventry Health Care, which provides Medicare and [...]

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China’s chaotic health care drives patient attacks – San Jose Mercury News

News from China’s chaotic health care drives patient attacks – San Jose Mercury News: Click photo to enlarge A large number of patients register to consult the doctors at a hospital Friday, Aug. 24, 2012 in Shanghai. Despite an injection of more than $ 240 billion in government funding into health care over the past [...]

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China’s chaotic health care drives patient attacks

News from Businessweek: HENGYANG, China (AP) — Dr. Chen Yuna had just eaten her lunch and was seated at her desk updating patients’ medical records when a masked man entered her office. He pulled out a dagger and stabbed her 28 times in her neck, chest, stomach and elsewhere. Then he left her to die [...]

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Access to Health Care May Decrease Abortions

News from The Atlantic: The number of abortions in Massachusetts has decreased despite predictions that health-care reform would have the opposite effect. Can the health insurance expansions part of Obamacare do the same nationally? Kevin Lamarque/Reuters President Clinton once famously remarked that abortion should be safe, legal, and rare. The unspoken challenge to him since [...]

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Romney: Massachusetts health care plan better than Obama’s insurance law

News from Washington Post: DENVER — Mitt Romney said in an interview Thursday that his plan to provide health insurance to everyone in Massachusetts was superior to the one it inspired, President Obama’s much-debated national health care law. “My health care plan I put in place in my state has everyone insured, but we didn’t [...]

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