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2012 November - Health Insurance Chat

Health Insurance Chat


Entries for November, 2012

Health care entitlements

News from Rutland Herald: Congressional Republicans are insisting that big cuts to Medicare and Medicaid be on the table in the negotiations over the so-called fiscal cliff and deficit reduction. That stance is largely a political move against two programs, which have been critical to the public welfare for the past half-century. Post-election polls show [...]

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Arizona declines to set up state-based health insurance exchange

News from Chicago Tribune: November 28, 2012|David Schwartz | Reuters PHOENIX (Reuters) – Arizona Governor Jan Brewer said on Wednesday she was rejecting a major provision of President Barack Obama’s healthcare reform law that calls for creating state-based health insurance markets where consumers can purchase private, federally subsidized coverage. Citing lingering questions about the plan [...]

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Ariz. Gov. Brewer chooses not to form state-run health care exchange under …

News from Washington Post: PHOENIX — Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer has decided against creating a state-run health insurance exchange required to implement a key part of President Barack Obama’s federal health care law. Brewer’s decision announced Wednesday means the federal government will set up an online marketplace for the state, offering subsidized private health coverage [...]

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Health Insurance Stock Outlook – Nov. 2012 – Industry Outlook – NASDAQ

News from Health Insurance Stock Outlook – Nov. 2012 – Industry Outlook – NASDAQ: The health insurance industry has confronted many external challenges in the recent past, such as an uncertain regulatory environment, a challenge to meet the demand of more price- and service-conscious consumers, a fiercely competitive market, shifts in customer mix and a [...]

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Justices order new look at health care

News from Philadelphia Inquirer: Mark Sherman, Associated Press Posted: Tuesday, November 27, 2012, 3:01 AM WASHINGTON – The Supreme Court has revived a Christian college’s challenge to President Obama’s health-care overhaul, with the acquiescence of the Obama administration. The court on Monday ordered the federal appeals court in Richmond, Va., to consider the claim by [...]

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Four-year fight for family health coverage leads lesbian couple to Supreme …

News from Washington Post: SAN FRANCISCO — Like a lot of newlyweds, Karen Golinski was eager to enjoy the financial fruits of marriage. Within weeks of her wedding, she applied to add her spouse to her employer-sponsored health care plan, a move that would save the couple thousands of dollars a year. Her ordinarily routine [...]

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Changes in schools’ health insurance irk workers

News from San Francisco Chronicle: SOUTH BEND, Ind. (AP) — Changes in a state law that limit how much school districts can pay toward employee health insurance and a higher number of medical claims are leaving some employees of a South Bend school district feeling strapped by their health care expenses. The South Bend Community [...]

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Health-care sector faces its next frontier

News from MarketWatch: By Thomas Kostigen LOS ANGELES (MarketWatch) — Health care in developing countries may become the world’s fastest-growing and biggest industry — and the most in need of professionals and providers. Talk about an industry that has both social and financial impact: This is it. China loosens grip on oil industry For the [...]

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Washington state ahead of the curve on health-care reform

News from The Seattle Times: Funny how things change in politics. By the time voters cast ballots for president, the label Obamacare went from a perjorative to a point of pride. Americans saw the 2010 Affordable Care Act making changes in their lives, and any enthusiasm for repeal was eroding. Republicans eventually gave up trash-talking [...]

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Health care rules set pricing, prescription benefits

News from STLtoday.com: 2012-11-22T06:00:00Z 2012-11-20T17:08:12Z Health care rules set pricing, prescription benefitsThe Associated Press The Associated Press The Obama administration has strengthened the prescription drug coverage that will be available to the millions of people who will get insurance through the nation’s new health care overhaul starting late next year. The increase in prescription benefits [...]

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