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The Health Benefits That Cut Your Pay

News from New York Times: NOT long ago, a 23-year-old woman joined my company as an assistant in the advertising sales department at a starting salary of $ 35,000. Smart, ambitious and poised, she should have a promising future. Unfortunately, her earnings prospects are threatened. Like many Americans, she’s unaware of how much of her [...]

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San Francisco eatery settles health benefits noncompliance complaint

News from ModernHealthcare.com: A San Francisco restaurant will spend about $ 320,000 to settle a complaint from city officials that it did not comply with San Francisco’s 2006 law that requires employers to spend a minimum amount of money on employees’ health care coverage. That requirement can be satisfied in several ways, including payment of [...]

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Are Gold-Plated Health Benefits Making American Workers Worse Off?

News from Daily Beast: One of the tricky parts of discussing inequality is how you compute income.  Americans take a lot of their compensation in the form of tax-advantaged benefits, particularly health care costs.  Michael Tanner of Cato argues that if you look at total compensation, inequality may not be increasing at all. Ramesh Ponnuru [...]

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Texas won’t bite on selecting core health benefits package under Obama law

News from Dallas Morning News: AUSTIN — Texas will decline to choose the core package of medical items and services that insurers, starting in just over one year, will have to provide to several million Texans in the state-regulated health insurance market and a new online marketplace known as a state health insurance exchange. Instead, [...]

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Health care rules set pricing, prescription benefits

News from STLtoday.com: 2012-11-22T06:00:00Z 2012-11-20T17:08:12Z Health care rules set pricing, prescription benefitsThe Associated Press The Associated Press The Obama administration has strengthened the prescription drug coverage that will be available to the millions of people who will get insurance through the nation’s new health care overhaul starting late next year. The increase in prescription benefits [...]

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Health Care Reform: How It Benefits Women – Huffington Post

News from Health Care Reform: How It Benefits Women – Huffington Post: Written in Collaboration with Jessica Ho and Anita Mathews Writing A National Prescription to Improve Women’s Health Historically, women have experienced discrimination in terms of their health despite making 80 percent of health care decisions for their families, using more medical services than [...]

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Illinois to decide on essential health benefits

News from Sacramento Bee: CHICAGO – Illinois will hold a public meeting to help determine which services should be covered by health insurance plans sold in the state. Gov. Pat Quinn intends to choose a benchmark plan that will serve as a minimum standard by Sept. 30 to meet a federal deadline. The national health [...]

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New women’s health benefits go into effect

News from UPI.com: Published: Aug. 1, 2012 at 3:30 AM WASHINGTON, Aug. 1 (UPI) – New U.S. health insurance plans are required beginning Wednesday to provide new preventive benefits at no cost to covered women as part of healthcare reform. The new rules require insurers to cover a comprehensive set of preventive services that the [...]

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Wildland Firefighters Win Federal Health Benefits

News from ABC News: President Barack Obama will make federal health insurance available to about 8,000 temporary wildland firefighters, a White House official said Tuesday. Despite the grueling and dangerous work they do, the 8,000 firefighters aren’t covered by federal health insurance because they are temporary seasonal employees. Under federal personnel rules, such employees can’t [...]

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Recommended: Many businesses offer health benefits to same-sex couples ahead …

News from msnbc.com: By Julie Appleby, Kaiser Health News President Obama’s pronouncement last week in favor of same-sex marriage has no legal effect on employers’ decisions on whether to offer benefits to workers’ domestic partners, but some advocates believe it could reinforce a decade-long trend toward coverage. Last year, 52 percent of all employers offered [...]

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