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Changes to Health Insurance Contraceptive Mandate Unlikely to Appease …

News from U.S. News & World Report: Some religious employers object to providing employees with health insurance that covers contraceptives. New rules issued Friday by the Obama administration concerning its controversial health insurance contraceptive coverage mandate, which prompted lawsuits from many religious organizations, are likely to do little to dissuade the litigation, experts say. The [...]

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In Defending His Health Care Plan, Romney Often Called Its Mandate a Tax

News from New York Times: WASHINGTON — Four months before Mitt Romney signed his health care plan into law in Massachusetts in 2006, he told a conservative group that the state’s tax code would be the hammer that would make the plan work. For those who refused to comply with the state’s mandate to buy health [...]

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Romney Now Says Health Mandate by Obama Is a Tax

News from New York Times: WOLFEBORO, N.H. — Mitt Romney declared on Wednesday that President Obama’s health care mandate was in fact a tax, shifting his campaign’s characterization of the law and aligning himself with the conservative voices in his party. Rather than clarify his position, Mr. Romney’s remarks, made in an interview with CBS [...]

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Fox News Poll: 60 Percent Think Health Care Mandate Violates Individual Rights

News from Fox News: Nearly six in ten American voters want the Supreme Court to overturn at least part of the 2010 health care law, according to a new Fox News poll.   The Supreme Court is expected to announce its decision on the law by the end of June.   Click here to view [...]

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In Health Care Reform Debate, White House Looks Beyond Individual Mandate

News from Huffington Post: WASHINGTON — Health care reform advocates are growing more confident in the idea that the Affordable Care Act can remain viable even if the Supreme Court strikes down the provision that requires individual citizens to purchase health insurance. Though conversations inside the White House have been kept secret, several Democratic sources [...]

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Health care mandate shouldn’t just concern Catholics

News from Baltimore Sun: The Sun believes Baltimore’s new archbishop, William E. Lori, will be challenged by “far more pressing” social concerns than those posed by Barack Obama’s health care mandate (“A new archbishop,” May 20). I think not. Under the new law, health insurance plans covering employees of Catholic institutions must include provisions not [...]

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Yes, The Health-Care Mandate Is About Liberty

News from Huffington Post: Bloomberg View: As they await the Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Care Act, legal critics of the law say their case is about liberty. If the government can instruct people to obtain health insurance, they keep asking, what’s to stop it from requiring them to buy broccoli? But the real [...]

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If the Health Care Mandate Is Struck Down, Single-Payer Becomes the Best Choice

News from Huffington Post: What happens if the Supreme Court strikes down the “individual mandate” in the health care reform law? Commentators ranging from former Labor Secretary Robert Reich to Forbes Magazine columnist Rick Ungar agree: Such a decision could open the door to single-payer health care — perhaps even make it inevitable. This may [...]

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Court to mull health care law without mandate

News from CBS News: (CBS/AP) WASHINGTON – The heart of the Obama administration’s health care overhaul hanging in the balance, the Supreme Court is turning to whether the rest of the law can survive if the crucial individual insurance requirement is struck down. The justices also will spend part of Wednesday, the last of three [...]

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Justices weigh mandate to buy health insurance

News from USA TODAY: WASHINGTON – The Supreme Court’s conservative justices appeared deeply critical Tuesday of the requirement that all Americans purchase health insurance, the constitutional issue at the core of the legal challenges to President Obama’s landmark health care overhaul. By Brendan Smialowski,, AFP/Getty Images Supporters and opponents of health care overhaul measures demonstrate [...]

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