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Opponents of health-care law turn to faith-based nonprofits to cover medical …

News from Washington Post: “When all this came up with the ACA, I just realized I don’t want to be a part of any of this,” said Tucker, who views the Affordable Care Act as the government meddling in her personal health care. The Christian Healthcare program is not as comprehensive as insurance — she [...]

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Health insurance industry touts supplemental policies to cover medical costs

News from Washington Post: As out-of-pocket medical costs grow for many Americans, the insurance industry is offering a way to help and, at the same time, expand its business: by selling supplemental policies that may fill the gaps for consumers. Insurers are increasingly marketing these limited policies that pay cash after a hospital stay or [...]

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‘I just instantly burst into tears’: Medical worker finally gets insurance on …

News from NBCNews.com: Obamacare Maggie Fox NBC News Facebook continues on NBCNews.com. Continue Reading … Related News: Health Insurance: Navigating Traps & GapsIn this volatile time, healthcare coverage has become entirely too complex and expensive. Understanding the issues is more importa… Understanding Health Insurance: A Guide to Billing and Reimbursement (with Premium Website Printed Access [...]

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US Medical Device Backers Face Tough Health Care Vote

News from BusinessWeek: Senate Democrats from states including Minnesota and Pennsylvania are caught between their support for medical-device industries and their party’s reluctance to make major changes to the 2010 health-care law. The U.S. House of Representatives is scheduled to vote this week to repeal a 2.3 percent excise tax for medical devices. To Senate [...]

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In fight to repeal medical device tax, GOP takes offensive on jobs and Obama …

News from Washington Post: WASHINGTON — For Republicans, it’s an irresistible trifecta: A bill that gives them an election-season chance to say they’re fighting to protect jobs and cut taxes, even as it erodes financing for President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul they despise. So though it is destined to die in the Democratic-run Senate, [...]

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Health-care law preoccupies doctors at TN Medical Association convention

News from The Tennessean: The Tennessee Medical Association ranks among the most powerful lobbying groups at the state legislature, but as doctors hold their annual meeting at a Nashville airport hotel this weekend, most physicians are keeping closer watch on Washington. Uncertainty over federal health reform, fears of sharp cuts in Medicare payments and other [...]

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Quality and cost of medical care vary widely among local areas

News from Los Angeles Times: Orange County and Ventura outpaced Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Bakersfield in a national score card looking at how area hospitals, doctors and insurance companies manage patient care and costs. The Commonwealth Fund, a New York foundation that studies the U.S. healthcare market, ranked 306 communities nationwide on key areas [...]

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Per person cost of federal high-risk medical plan doubles

News from Washington Post: Medical costs for enrollees in the health-care law’s high-risk insurance pools are expected to more than double initial predictions, the Obama administration said Thursday in a report on the new program. The health-care law set aside $ 5 billion for a Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan, meant to provide health insurance to [...]

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Texas has top medical centers but provides poor health care: True of false?

News from Houston Chronicle: Houston’s Texas Medical Center is the largest in the world, with 49 medical institutions, including 13 hospitals and two medical schools, and has more than 6 million annual patient visits. More heart surgeries are performed in the center than anywhere else in the world, with results among the best. However, compared [...]

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Our medical giants need to feel our sting

News from Pittsburgh Post Gazette: Perhaps legislators can convince them to put patients ahead of their (non)profits Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition. Maybe we’re getting somewhere now. A dozen legislators from southwestern Pennsylvania said last week they want UPMC and Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield to live up to their responsibilities and put [...]

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