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Health Insurance Coverage Discrimination: Mental Illness

News from U.S. News & World Report: Insurance companies are not providing adequate mental health coverage under Obamacare, according to a new report. Under President Barack Obama’s health care law, which aimed to end health insurance discrimination for mental health services, an estimated 62 million patients now have better coverage. But a new report from the National Alliance [...]

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Understanding New Rules That Widen Mental Health Coverage

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Frustration with mental health care

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Obama intends to fix holes in mental health coverage

News from Los Angeles Times: WASHINGTON — When President Obama pledged this week to strengthen the nation’s mental health system to help reduce gun violence, he also implicitly acknowledged that a gap remains in his signature effort to guarantee Americans access to healthcare. Two landmark laws — including the sweeping 2010 health law — have [...]

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Patrick Kennedy calls for mental health insurance reforms in Colorado

News from Denver Post: Colorado must reform laws and insurance benefits to give patients and families access to mental illness treatment equal to what as they usually get for medical treatment, panelists at an informal “hearing” said Thursday night. The mental health community has waited more than four years since passage of a federal parity [...]

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Walking the Tightrope on Mental Health Coverage

News from New York Times: Insurance covers more mental health care than many people may realize, and more people will soon have the kind of Continue Reading … Related News:

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Covering mental illness

News from Boston Globe: If health care costs too much, what do we need to change to get prices under control? This is a very tired but obviously unresolved question that gets a lot of attention everywhere, including this space. Progress is difficult, in part, because nearly every practice and institution has its well-organized defenders. [...]

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Mental Health Center Opens New Facility

News from Patch.com: Care Plus NJ (CPNJ), a non-profit local community mental health center, announces the opening of the new Care Plus Center for Primary and Behavioral Health at 610 Valley Health Plaza. A ribbon cutting ceremony is scheduled for June 28 at 11:30 a.m. Refreshments and tours of the facility will follow. “The Care [...]

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Mental ills based in community

News from Daily Examiner: Patrick McGorry and NSW Minister For Mental Health, Kevin Humphries. Trevor Veale COMMUNITY-BASED mental health care is set to be the main plank in the NSW Government’s mental health policy. This is the message NSW Mental Health Minister Kevin Humphries brought with him to the weekend’s Rural Mental Health Conference at [...]

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Mental health crisis continues for rural women Nepal – Women News Network

News from Mental health crisis continues for rural women Nepal – Women News Network: Tara Bhattarai – Women News Network – WNN A woman who has lost her husband clings to her child. Image: Brendan Brady/IRIN LAGANKHEL, NEPAL – It is midafternoon, and the outpatient department at Nepal’s only mental health facility, called the Mental [...]

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