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How an Adverse Supreme Court Ruling Would Send Obamacare Into a Tailspin – New York Times

News from How an Adverse Supreme Court Ruling Would Send Obamacare Into a Tailspin – New York Times: Even if you don’t receive Obamacare subsidies, you could still be harmed by the Supreme Court case that could take them away. A court ruling for the plaintiffs in the case, King v. Burwell, would have wide-reaching [...]

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Supreme Court ruling signals trouble for state, Chicago

News from Chicago Tribune: The Illinois Supreme Court ruled today that subsidized health care premiums for retired state employees are protected under the Illinois Constitution, signaling potential trouble for an overhaul of pension benefits that’s also being challenged in court. Today’s ruling also could affect the city of Chicago’s ongoing phase-out of retiree health insurance [...]

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Four-year fight for family health coverage leads lesbian couple to Supreme …

News from Washington Post: SAN FRANCISCO — Like a lot of newlyweds, Karen Golinski was eager to enjoy the financial fruits of marriage. Within weeks of her wedding, she applied to add her spouse to her employer-sponsored health care plan, a move that would save the couple thousands of dollars a year. Her ordinarily routine [...]

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CBO: Supreme Court ruling means 3 million fewer with health care

News from Christian Science Monitor: Congressional Budget Office finds that the Supreme Court’s ruling will cut $ 84 billion from the cost of health-care reform, as states opt out of new law’s call to expand coverage for low-income families. Congress’s non-partisan budget umpire had some relatively bad news for both Republicans and Democrats in its [...]

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Health-care reform law: How Supreme Court ruling could affect …

News from Christian Science Monitor: How the US Supreme Court rules Thursday on the health-care reform law will have a profound impact on millions of American families. Here’s a look at potential rulings and their respective outcomes. When it hands down its major ruling Thursday, the US Supreme Court will render judgment on an issue [...]

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Supreme Court health-care reform ruling could affect millions of …

News from San Jose Mercury News: Click photo to enlarge Shavon Walker in Newark, Calif., Thursday, June 21, 2012. Walker, 37, is a diabetic with asthma, high blood pressure and high cholesterol and worries about obtaining health insurance because of her pre-existing medical conditions. (Anda Chu/Staff) No state has more at stake in the momentous [...]

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For people with pre-existing illnesses, Supreme Court ruling on …

News from Detroit Free Press: As a person with a lot to lose, Deborah Sferlazza anxiously awaits a ruling expected this week from the U.S. Supreme Court on President Barack Obama’s landmark health care law. Sferlazza, 54, a disabled Rochester elementary school principal with painful back-related problems, was rejected several times for insurance because of [...]

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Health-care reform: what polls say ahead of a Supreme Court ruling

News from Christian Science Monitor: The poll results reveal a public with mixed feelings about health-care reform and indicate that both parties will have to tread carefully after the ruling, whichever way it goes. As the US Supreme Court prepares to announce its ruling on President Obama’s health-care reform law, polls reveal an American public [...]

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UnitedHealth will keep health care overhaul provisions regardless of Supreme …

News from Washington Post: Insurer UnitedHealth Group Inc. sees some parts of the health care overhaul as sound medicine and plans to keep them regardless of whether the law survives an upcoming Supreme Court ruling. The nation’s largest health insurer said Monday that it will still cover preventive care like immunizations without charging a co-payment, [...]

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Health Insurance Exchanges In Many States Held Up By Uncertainty About Supreme …

News from Kaiser Health News: By J. Duncan Moore Jr. CHICAGO — Illinois might seem the least likely place for the health law to get sidelined. It’s a state with a Democratic governor and solid Democratic majorities in both houses of the legislature. It’s also the political base of President Barack Obama, who championed the [...]

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